My Mini Mart – MONEY MOD APK


Hello! My Mini Mart is a fun mobile game where you sell products that you obtain from agriculture and animal husbandry and try to make money by setting up a market filled with these products. In the game, you follow a farm-to-shelf sales policy. You grow plants, fruits, and vegetables in the backyard of your market and place them on the shelves to sell. By doing this, you earn money and develop your business. You can expand your farming area, enlarge your garden, and increase your shelves. By buying new seeds, you can become one of the leading markets in the city in terms of fruits and vegetables. To be a successful business, all you need to do is to fulfill the development requirements that the game asks from you. You should follow the areas with a money symbol and make the improvements sequentially after collecting the necessary money for them.



You can view your total money in the top right corner of the screen in My Mini Mart. I mentioned that you generally sell vegetables and fruits in the game. You can also do animal husbandry and sell chicken eggs and cow milk. However, you need to reach a certain level and create a farm for this. If you want to play this fun game where you carry out farming and animal husbandry activities and sell the products in your market to make money, you can download the My Mini Mart money mod apk file with unlimited money to your phone. With this apk file, you can grow and develop your business as you wish by obtaining unlimited money. I wish you all a great time playing the game, see you later!


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